Wednesday, February 06, 2008

OLA08: Session #316: Engaging Users in the Web Design Process

Terry Costantino..."Usability Matters" company...see pdf of slides here

(ppt for whole thing here)
  • lib history / information architect
  • content / tools and environment that are useful and usable
  • what roles will users play in your lib / web site?
    • undifferentiated users
    • audience segments
    • research respondents
    • co-design / creators
    • content providers / creators
    • tool developer
    • decision-makers
  • types of user involvement:
    • ongoing
    • periodic
    • one-off
  • providing multiple ways to be involved:
    • phone
    • face-to-face
    • online
  • multiple research methods:
    • interviews
    • surveys
    • town-halls
    • focus groups
    • usability testing
    • contextual inquiry
  • different levels of commitment / effort / anonymity
  • taking consultation online
  • 2.0 sites / tools...engaging users...ongoing dialogues
  • + 1.0 technology:
    • forums
    • live chat
    • surveys
    • polls
    • internet conferencing
  • improving ongoing involvement
    • capture unsolicited comments (eg. at the desk / in the stacks)...collect and study
    • provide forums for discussion
    • consider recruiting users for longer-term involvement
  • Why involve users?
    • work with understading of them
  • make results widely available within your organization
  • reflect on results....research
Melanie Rodney (Macadamian Usability) ...see slides here
  • how to involve users
  • pull together all info you have...TODO: for usability study...use online survey / observational study results / customer comments / counting opinions comments / Google Analytics / E&S stats ...brainstorm with Task Force for more / how to collect informal from staff
  • context of use...user groups by WHAT they do, not WHO they are
  • usability goals...what do you expect? (good question:...TODO: answer it!) 100% use with no help?
  • outcome = usage scenarios...descriptions of how people use
  • "ehtnographic research"...user-shadowing...*my observational study!
  • consider using "personas"...TODO: chat this up with task force + see Stephen Abram's persona notes / sites in my / his blog
  • *know your users* know their tasks*
Toronto Public Library, User Experience Project Manager (wow!)...Patricia Eastman slides are here
  • SMART objectives:
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Achievable
    • Realistic
  • TODO: be SMART w. task force (and all!) work...embroider this on a pillow!
  • new TPL web site to come this spring...keep an eye out for it
  • good wording on her "Vision Becomes Strategy" slide...TODO: contemplate using for task force work
  • who is your site for?
  • keep in mind that people who respond to online surveys are a certain "persona"
  • personas can be used for more than just web sites (chat this up with Tina..TODO)
  • usage scenarios
  • "always in beta"..."quest for the Holy Grail"...
  • personas include non-users
  • your personas will change over time / need to be developed
  • Tim Ireland from Waterloo (sitting near me)...interested in hooking up with other libs doing usability...FaceBook group set up!...FAB!

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