Thursday, February 07, 2008

OLA08 Session#1020: Moving your Library to 2.0 and Beyond

Amanda Etches-Johnson (McMaster)
Gail Richardson, Oakville (Manager, On-line Services)
Beckie MacDonald, Oakville (seconded to lead staff 2.0 training program)

(ppt is here)

  1. know your culture (at YOUR lib)
  2. get buy-in from admin
  3. determine budget
  4. buy-in from management team
  5. start the buzz, pay attention to timing
  6. poll staff (if appropriate)
  7. determine scope
  8. which tools / competencies for your learning 2.0 sessions
  9. volunteer or mandatory?
  10. training delivery...5Ws....
  11. incentives / acknowledgement / certificate (to emphasize the importance of the education)
  12. feed back and post-communication...use 2.0 tools to teach them...blogs/Facebook group etc...share feedback
Notes to self re our Learning 2.0 sessions:
  • extended invitation to supply notices of upcoming session to to JC re supply/training budget for this
  • keep attendance lists for our 2.0 sessions
Beckie: CSI Oakville (Computer Savvy Instruction)
  • used the yellow tape and everything!
  • looked at 23 Things, and 5 Weeks to a Social Library...chose to present like this:
    • Session 1 (3 hours)
      • blogs
      • rss (recognizing buttons and what to do)
      • bloglines (feed reader)
      • social bookmarks (
    • Session 2 (3 hours)
      • Wikis (including Wikipedia...used CommonCraft Show video)
      • IM
      • Social Networking (FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr)
  • mandatory for all Information Desk Staff
  • included audio / video / hands-on training
  • included exercises (eg. Leave a comment on a blog)
  • set up "Beckie's Tech Talk Blog" for participants
  • "play time" very important...freedom to play / learn your way / ask for help
  • used SurveyMonkey for evaluation
  • now doing CSI refresher...combo of 1&2, review + new exercises...expanding to other Depts and Areas
Amanda Etches-Johnson (McMaster)..5 w3eeks to a social library
  • voluntary (peer pressure kicked in!)
  • incentives (MP3 player for all staff who completed)
  • self-directed via blog
  • online LEARNING > training...freedom to learn and play
  • idea from Charlotte-Mecklenburg: set context with podcasts / articles on life-long learning
  • put staff in teams with team leader (aka Cheerleader)
  • "Emerging Technologies Group" at mac...members = the team leaders
  • TODO: check out
  • mac has a gaming librarian!
  • topics covered (different from Oakville)
    • browsing tools
    • gaming and virtual worlds
  • lessons learned:
    • it takes a village...(committee)...for troubleshooting / hand-holding
    • build in TIME to explore / catch up (ie. 2 week "break" in middle of 5 weeks)
    • had Michael Stephens for big rally / kick-off
    • don't reinvent the wheel...use what's available out there
  • TODO: check out learning2.0libraries tag in
  • idea: have a contest: best idea for how we can use 2.0 tools
  • TODO: consider setting up a wiki for the 2008 service audit
    • 1st meeting in Training a demo
    • how to use / why it's fab
      • keep everyone up to date / minutes / comments / revisions etc.
  • think about ongoing training for NEW staff...if online like McMaster, could point to content...core with JC re adding this piece to new staff orientation

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