Thursday, February 07, 2008

OLA08 Session #1700: Top Tech Trends

Meredith Farkas, Distance Learning Librarian, Norwich University
Casey Bisson, Information Architect, Plymouth State University
David Fiander
, Digital Services Librarian, University of Western Ontario

Meredith's slides are on her blog here

  • the library is everywhere
  • recasting the lib as a creative technology lab
  • tech and education to do cool stuff like:
    • podcasts
    • video trailers for books
    • letting patrons connect online through the web

  • open source ILSs like:
    • Evergreen (David is working on this)
    • Scriblio
    • Koha (most popular)
  • Dublin, Ireland, has a nifty portal with lots of moduals which peeps can use (eg like iGoogle) TODO: check it out
  • ProQuest has a widget builder
  • ***mentioned TBPL's AirPac!
  • slides are online here
  • sophistication (of devices)
    • look at Flickr's colour picker (can find pics with a certain colour in them)
  • contextualization
    • googlemaps + more
    • booklists: connect with bookstores
  • disintermedication
    • more peeps creating
    • shorter distance between creator and consumer
  • identity and reputation
    • deep integration /mass distribution
  • comments and contribution
David: from UWO...ProQuest support research that found students thought of FaceBook as a study break, not a study is working as a study room at other need to KNOW WHO YOUR USERS are, and WHAT THEY WANT, and WHERE they are

Casey: users don't give a damn about you...they have a question and want an answer, or for you to solve their problem

...recurring theme here at OLA08...echoed in BiblioCommons...ME/MY/MINE

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