Friday, May 02, 2008

Featured Lists for the Non-Programmer with Bob Duncan, Systems Librarian, Lafayette College

slides are here
  • very happy to help out
  • code and instructions in slides
  • see results of what he's talking about here
  • the RSS feed builder from III is NOT req'd for this
  • Making Noise in the Library: Dinah Sanders (Rock Star -- Senior Product Manager) and Sarah Hickman (Product Manager) III

    My Mill Patron Empowerment
    • forgot your PIN? (to do: check this out!!!...make it happen) R2007
    • update patron info (done!)
    • place holds etc.
    My Mill features
    • no need to start from scratch
    • iterate and improve: you don't have to do it all at once
    • constant improvements
    • new: patron alias (coming in R2007)...can use for self-pickup of hold slips) to BP re this...we can add this option to Change Your Info in My Mill
    Express Lane
    • new and improved Graphical Self Check
    • can also renew and manage holds
    • looks cool
    • pay fines (with credit card swiper)
    • touch-screen option / or keyboard / monitor / card swip
    Online Patron Registration (Product)...which we didn't get when we got e*vents due to timing (it wasn't ready in time)
    • combined with instant online patron reg / linked to patron dbase and events show up in search results (happy accidents)
    • can create lists on data -- ie. attendance reports
    • London PL is getting ready to launch this week
    • (idea: put links to scoped programs in e*vents on FaceBook -- eg. teen ones on YAC page, adult / films / etc. on main page...or even separate them out...puppet shows / crafts / book clubs etc.)
    Reaching more users:
    • portable devices etc...WiFi everywhere
    • get people aware of the lib -- put your search box out where the peeps are (*put it on our FaceBook!)...see discussion in the list + code for how to
    • put the search box on every library web page
    • make the lib more part of peoples' web lives
    • FAQ re persistent search urls on CSDirect (check that this is what I use wrt Adv Searches)
    • what do you need to show in BriefCit?...what do people need?...too much clutter/noise?
    • change labels for subject headings and call # fields in records to say something like:
      • "find similar"
      • or "more like this"
      • or "next on shelf"
    • R2006 example set has nifty touches to package info for users CHECK IT OUT!
    • Feed Builder
      • get the info out there
    • stay relevant and connected in a time of great change...good Marshall Breeding quote on slide
    • My Mill knowledge management...
      • know what we can do NOW!
      • good ALA Midwinter 2006 Presentation on making the most of what you have...check it out on CSDirect "presentations"
        • eg: preferred search alerts
        • reading history
        • my lists
        • my databases
        • discovery services
    • I asked if there is an easy way to get stats on #s of preferred search emails that go out -- no :( submit as an enha. request (check first to see if it's there) + star ratings...we want to know how much this 2.0 stuff is being used
    • MyLists: new feature...can name lots of lists nice...look for it
    • leverage library knowhow and new technology...bring the intelligence of the reference interview in to the online environments -- ENCORE!
    • WebPacPRO example set
      • went up on Friday last week
      • "refresher service" available...can save a lot of staff time
    • Encore Services: new model for support (see slides for Dinah's next session)

    MilStats 102: Corey Seeman

    ppt is here

    • ppt will be updated as Corey gets new examples / ideas, so take a peek periodically
    • The Universe of Stats in Millennium
      • transaction-based (circ / WebPac / WAM / financial
      • requires action to appen
      • counting things that are there
    • don't forget stats have to be good for the lib / serve a need...don't let the stats control you!
    • user manual = the road map
    • this presentation = the travel guide!
    • General hints:
      • fixed fields and call numbers
      • use system as central repository (not mish mash of misc things on different PCs and formats)
      • every record has a "created" and "updated" date (updated changes with each circ) *maybe use this for my report on use of the business collection...consider / contemplate / and play with it
      • can "view query" of all pre-done searches and see all the criteria / dates / initials...can re-run periodically -- "extract query"
      • "millennium scheduler" is a "product"

    What should we do...Part 2

    What can we do about it?
    • outsource redesign (webPAC refresher service -- $$ from III)
    • hide the WebPAC (behind a "discovery layer" -- like Encore / BiblioComm / WorldCat Local (first two libs to try were III libs)
    • enhance the WebPAC
    • Scriblio:
      • open source wrapper
      • Plymouth State University (Casey Bisson)
      • uses a word press blog
      • no separation btw lib web site and opac...interesting...hidden (or *seamless* opac -- open source)
    • Solrpac: Miami Univ
      • Solar (indexing) + Drupl (cms)
      • exports bibs from iii to new interface
      • facets
    • King County Library System
      • Aquabrowser (from Bowker)
      • hip skin for WebPac
      • facets
    • Encore
      • WebPac as Cyrano de Bergerac!!!
      • takes your records and displays them in a different way
      • more intimate relationsihp with OPAC than 3rd party options (no sync / uploads needed)
    • Enhancements overview
      • iii enhancements
        • InnReach (like WorldCat local)
        • WebBridge
        • Pathfinder Pro (like WebBridge for the opac)...links out to web based onyour bibs (eg. set certain call numbers to highlight literary databases / subject guides)
        • ERM as a database pathfinder in the webPac...good idea -- how much?
        • eg: Bowling Green State University (BGSU)...
          • Virtual Coll inegrated in to the cat...also can add the A-Z journal title list
        • MetaData builder and media management (iii product to store digital images...think about using this for NWO History stuff????)
        • spellcheck (one of Karen Schneider's OPAC suck-isms)
        • patron reviews
        • reading history / preferred searches (DONE!!! :) )
        • RSS Cat feeds ("product" but easy to do on your own...see notes for Bob Duncan presentation) (feeds for eg. for new books and patron info)
      • 3rd party enhancements
        • Library Thing for Libraries (San Fransisco State Univ Lib did)
          • tapping in to tags / recommendations / read-a-likes of LThing users
          • tag browser -- adding collective wisdom to webPAC (similar philosophy to google search results -- popularity contest!)
        • Syndetics (Got it!)
        • LibX
          • adding WebPAC to the browser...patrons would have to install (Virginia Tech did it)...also adds your cat to amazon
      • home made enhancements