Friday, November 14, 2008

What makes some customers tick (and others talk)?

Ottawa House Workshop / Lloyd Smith Solutions
Friday November 14th, 2008

The presenter Aaron Dus is a very smart, very young (under 30), very well traveled dude. He has a masters degree in Anthroplogy, and has studied ethno-stuff, and all sorts of other interesting things, like getting design ideas from nature.

He talked about interpersonal relationships / building context / discovering stories...and translating those things in to information and then in to you need to understand a community of people, learn from them, then design for them -- design something they need, but that they don't even know they need.

He emphasized that you need to be curious / always questioning...never be comfortable...obsess about order spot the next big thing.

So...sort of reinforced the feeling I have that I'm always searching for "the answer" re what the peeps want...good that I don't feel like I know, maybe, although that can be frustrating too!

Lots of food for thought.