Friday, May 02, 2008

MilStats 102: Corey Seeman

ppt is here

  • ppt will be updated as Corey gets new examples / ideas, so take a peek periodically
  • The Universe of Stats in Millennium
    • transaction-based (circ / WebPac / WAM / financial
    • requires action to appen
    • counting things that are there
  • don't forget stats have to be good for the lib / serve a need...don't let the stats control you!
  • user manual = the road map
  • this presentation = the travel guide!
  • General hints:
    • fixed fields and call numbers
    • use system as central repository (not mish mash of misc things on different PCs and formats)
    • every record has a "created" and "updated" date (updated changes with each circ) *maybe use this for my report on use of the business collection...consider / contemplate / and play with it
    • can "view query" of all pre-done searches and see all the criteria / dates / initials...can re-run periodically -- "extract query"
    • "millennium scheduler" is a "product"

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