Thursday, February 07, 2008

OLA08 Session #614: Second Life: Pick-Up Team or Major League?

(ppt is here)

  • Krista (SL name Danu Dahlstrom) spear-headed McMaster's 2nd Life presence (her blog)
  • Donna Bourne-Tyson co-presenter
  • Georgia State Univ. is setting up a Best Practices Island...todo: check it out
  • Librarian 2.0 manifesto was revised last week...TODO: check it USEFUL to your users where they are
  • MSVU used for small group discussions / meetings...paid $100 for a "storefront" for one year
  • important to give people "play" time during work hours
  • avoid SL on Wednesdays...Linden does maintenance work then! (good to know!)
  • consider volunteering in SL TODO

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