Thursday, February 07, 2008

OLA08 Session #411: How to Jumpstart your 2.0 Strategy

Peter Rowley, Director of Information Systems, York University; Kathy Scardellato, Executive Director, Ontario Council of University Libraries.

(ppt is here)
  • old school participation = radio "talk back" lines, letters to the Editor, town hall meetings...with 2.0 technology and tools we have equity of participation
  • ensure there is a rationalle for your 2.0 work...GOALS:
    • what do you need on your blog?...time / comments (moderated? visual?) / identity or anonymity
  • "joy of use"...time / identity / "fun-ness"...sens of play
  • O'Reilly (2004) cited...def'n of 2.0
  • "zygotic social networking"
    • articles cited
    • social networks built around genetics: "GeneTree" pay to join, then send in a DNA sample, and get connected with others who have the same / similar DNA...gross!...also "dnaAncestry" (related to
  • Peter and Kathy had a set of "clickers" from York U., which the audience got to try to use, anonymous responses to questions...immediate

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