Wednesday, February 06, 2008

OLA08: Pre-Conference Workshop on BiblioCommons

General info / overview:

  • is self-described as "neglected"...but hopefully will have more useful info soon
  • just emailled to ask for slides / more info / maybe webinar to share with TBPL's OPAC 2.0 Task Force
  • BC = BiblioCommons!
  • BC is being used in BC now
  • Oakville PL is a Beta site in Canada
  • Queens U. is on board
  • my opac sucks + 2.0 = BC
  • not a lot of patron-participation in library-generated 2.0 presence (see libdetective blog...people are reading it, but not commenting)...probably because 2.0 stuff is OUTSIDE the opac...BC brings it in
  • social network used as a filter
  • "Human Computation" (Luis Von Ahn)...views and opinions of others...shared...patrons use external sites (like amazon and chapters) to discover interesting titles, then go their library to find stuff
  • TODO: check out "The paradox of less: Why more is less" Barry Schwarts
  • TODO: look at our opac search logs for insight in to how patrons are searching...I need to know this
  • TODO: check out "Mahalo" site...pulls out top searches from google...curating resources, like a lib...part of the amateurizaiton of librarianship...the "best" resources are those most relevant to ME...all about ME!
  • TODO: ask Oakville for a BiblioCommons account, to get the inside scoop
  • BC is starting work with III...good to know
  • BC is looking at federated searching...talked about lack of "good" results...looking at adding librarian-recommended stuff from other virtual resources to results lists
  • migrating lists on web pages to opac..."My lists"
  • lunch chat:...learned that UWO and LPL are going with Encore

How BC is set up:
  • data dump / mapping / install thin client on ils server / nightly sync of holdings / search algorithm....
KidsOPAC (I asked about this...if there would be a separate interface)
  • have done some research...leaning towards common interface, but different can't filter results as well as adults...maybe choice of "skin" in the future
Karen Coyle...WOW!
  • cataloging in the age of social networks
  • networking / connections / no dead seeking as a "chain of activity"
  • TODO: look at WorldCat info etc...
  • there is tons of info out there, and we need to bring it together
  • collectively libraries have lots of info we're not capitalizing on
  • FRBR...bibliographic relationshiops...basics of networking...semantic web
  • RDA...Resource Description and rules for the FRBR generation...working in relationships / within and without the cat
  • FOBC: future of bibliographic control
  • Things we have to do:
    • move from text-based to more machine-usable / web-based standards
    • need to recognize there is a computer and network between the library catalogue and user
    • linking / discovering / rich experience
Gale Richardson, Direction of E-Services at Oakville Public Library (Beta site)
  • champion of BC...
  • "quest for the Holy Grail"...that keeps moving
  • lists / can add urls to e-resources + lists...collaboration and annotate-able
  • widgets...for eg. messages to specific user groups...+ users will be able to customize how their interace looks
  • discover / connections / annon. Readers' Advisory
  • "Why search when you can find?" (on a billboard for the Yellow Pages!)
  • "using the collection to build connections" (Gail)
Technology (Gary)...
  • John Blyberg is helping BC work in an III environment
  • BC is an ILS interface
  • nightly update of Bib record changes...real time item status
  • patron authentication / account info retrieval...
  • REPLACES the opac
  • are working on:
    • authentication to databases
    • accessibility (including non-graphical interface)
  • search-related traffic goes through BC servers / pipe, not the Library's
  • needs an open port
  • need Java 1.5 J2EE compliant servlet container (eg. Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, WebShpere)
  • uses jruby (java + Ruby on Rails)
  • Canadian based
  • 24 hour security / co-locations / very safe / generator / 2 pipes
John Blyberg (via webinar / audio conf due to weather)
  • slides (+other interesting info TODO: explore more) are here
Legal Stuff (Patrick)
  • the KO agreement includes more than a standard contract would...single contract for all libs w/in ON
  • includes:
    • individual library agreement
    • library requirements and data quality
    • privacy statement
    • terms of use
    • community standards and safety
  • privacy: choice / control / transparency
  • TODO: see if we can find # of patrons who have opted in to My Reading History
Legal (continued) with David on the phone from Halifax:
  • privacy lawyer / expert
  • having control over one's personal info is vip
  • people have widely divergent privacy thresholds...expet to be able to delete content they create
FAQ link on KnowledgeOn site /

Can arrange for a follow-up session...see my email from Beth re webinar or visit to TBay (if other local libs want to learn as well)...

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