Thursday, February 07, 2008

OLA08 Session #1805: Learning 2.0

Stephen Abram and Jane Dysart

  • slides are online here
  • cant' ignore change (at any level in an organization
  • TODO: print off SA's nifty world view map of the online world
  • information becomes knowledge through learning
  • traditional learning:
    • reading / browsing, especially outside of your field (TODO, Check out these books:)
      • Wikinomics
      • Work-Based Learning
      • Everything is Miscellaneous
      • Harvard Business Review (can sign upfor Quote of the Day)
      • ALA Lib Tech reprot
  • making conference choices:
    • annual conference
    • international / sharing / diverstiy
    • start with a needs-assessment tied to strategic goals...identify what I need to learn, and how to get it
    • diff types of conferences -- single issues vs broad
  • follow link during CIL and IL...all conf bvlogers and writers here* TODO
  • SLA Keynotes are webcast
  • ...lots of opportunities to participate online for FREE!
  • library school videos of guest speakers on YouTube + lectures
Free/Low Cost Learning
  • use to build in-house program
  • SirsiDynix Institute (free + archived)
  • Education Institute (what we're using for Learning 2.0)
  • vendor training events
  • Podscope and PodZinger = search engines for pod casts...kewl!...get an mp3 player and play + w. eAudiobooks TODO
  • Invite speakers in -- have your own conference
  • SLA's CLICK University: Continuous Learning Improves Career Knowledge
  • wow! Free to SLA members
  • U of T, FIS, PLC
  • distance / web learning
  • Executive Learning: SLA, U of T, Queens
Other learning experiences:
  • blogs
  • elearning tip of the day
  • Internet Can Change Your Life
  • Master of 500 Hats
  • TechBytes
  • 15 mins a day
    • susposed to be fun!
    • not every day needed
    • don't get all AR/OC about it!
      • led to 23 Things movement
        • need a sense of fun / change / play to change culture
  • know your learning style and recognize there are differences + work styles (individual / group)
    • track your learning / goals / don't forget about your goals
Learning 2.0 Best Practices:
  • LEARNING > training
    • you LEARN yourself
    • life-long vs. event
  • design program for late bloomers...peer pressure works
  • let participants blog anonymously...reflection is essential
  • use 1.0 methods to communicate
  • discover/challenges...make it a game
  • encourage staff to work together...break down barriers
  • failure is an option
  • practice transparency and enable radical trust...model the the change you want to see
  • continually encourage staff to play
  • consider rewards
    • eg: Library Genius t-shirt with buttons (for completing each task)...also had Board and Patrons learn too!...Allen County PL
  • remember your culture and how you want it to change
  • watch for positive change
  • TODO: involve top management...CEO learning too
  • TODO: consider involving / inviting board and patrons
  • TODO: consider /check out Librarian Trading Cards...can add stats with number of question answered / # of puppet shows done / books checked out etc!
  • TODO: use Wikis to replace "frickin' paper manuals"...start with VLS! SH has been doing with GLF re this idea
  • customize 23 Things
    • to use tools / stuff your lib is doing
    • you can pay your fines in L$ for SirsiDynix systems!
  • list of Learning 2.0 libs on moving to Learning 2.1 (on Ning and Wiki...TODO check it out)
  • build a technology petting zoo incl. gaming systems and play!
    • for the newest thing
    • 15 mins a day inspiration
  • TheInternetCanChangeYourLife...nifty blog
  • it's all about playing in the sandbox
    • don't be anal
    • don't "blamestorm"
    • be open
    • know yourself
Make "PLAY" your new years resolution!

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