Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CIL: Dead and Innovative Tech aka Comedy Night

A few nuggets of info from among the laughs (heavy on iPad bashing and Smurf-a-hontis jokes)...

  • check out Amanda EJ's site http://usablelibrary.org print and post the poster there
  • iPads are all about consuming information, not collaboration
  • Librarians are subversive!
  • iPads are sexy as in hookers...beware of extra charges / side effects etc...also all about consumption, not creation (Sarah HJ)
  • Stephen A had fab graphics...book love for eg...check to see if his slides are online
  • Marshal B had great pics from a 2.0 library with lots of interactive group spaces and other stuff...look for his ppt

Good summary + some pics here.

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