Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CIL: 24th Thing: What's Next

CIL2010 The 24th Thing: What's Next (H. Blowers not here, so four others!!!)

Sean Robinson, Allen Country Public Library (blog )

Lori Reed (Charlotte Meck)

Crista Burns and Michael Sauers, nebraska Lib commission)


Vision...what are you trying to do?

  • Engage (at warp speed!)

  • enrich (msg to resonate)

  • empower (fight for what you love(

What is your startegy?

  • Your mission?

3 quesions:

  1. how are people finding us? (Google Analytics v useful for insight...want peeps to find you from outside your library)

    1. piggy efficient...connect with timtables in conjunction with mass marketing with Twilight, for eg...and other big book releases...

  2. where can you answer questions? useful to people in new and interesting ways

    1. eg “City Share” on FB...check it out

Engagement is not an idea, it's a practice.

  • Grow some bigger ears...see Sean's blog for good reasource to LISTEN to peeps social web activity in your Tweeting “I'm going down to the library” can reply “see you here!”

Christa and Michael from Nebraska Lib Commission

  • Learning 2.0 at the nebraska library commission blog

  • did 23 things in 2008

  • voluntary participation...25 started, and 9 completed...not bad for these programs...

  • noved it to larger “Nebraska Learns 2.0”

  • peeps loved it so much they didn't want it to end

  • April 2009 start...once a month...ongoing 23 things program...a thing a month...were new things, but considering going back to some of the original 23 things b/c some peeps didn't do

  • had 47 peeps start new blogs / wanted to do it

  • peeps don't have to do every “thing” the ones you want to ....drop in and out...

  • offer CE credits (statewide program)

  • banner on their blog + “car henge”...ok...a scale model of stonehenge made out of cars, in Nebrasks

  • what not to do:

    • don't just put it out there – you need to promote it...don't drop the ball...peeps will want to do it, just keep informing peeps...and participate / comment on peoples' blogs

  • how many peeps work for the Neb Lib Commission?...about 50, but they oversee ALL libraries in thousands of

Innovating Durig a Time of Change...or OMG WTF!!!!

Lori Reed, Charlotte Meck. Lib

  • 23 things was originally going to be 43 things!

  • Worked with Helen on the original plan

  • is mind boggled over the adoption of of 23 things

  • challenge of how to continue to innovate during a time of change...budget cuts etc...

  • a super fly fab great lib, but major budget cuts...very sad

  • laid of 120 people two weeks ago...WOW...sad + more coming there and other places

  • “in calm weather all ships have good captains”...Swedish proverb...

  • how can you be innovative in times like this?

    • Recommends book “Death by meeting”...check it out

    • be willing to do what's right for the org and profession

    • Lori in HR...need to look beyond what's best for you personally

    • have to be there for a reason / have a purpose

    • be what your users need and want

    • can't fight for services peeps don't want

    • accept the fact that libs are giong to look v diff in the future

    • opportunity to learn/grow/adapt/improve/let go of what is not working

    • wow what a great attitude!!! (email her a hug!!!)

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