Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CIL: Crafting Online Personas

CIL Crafting an Online Persona: Defining who you are, in an anonymous, online world

JP (Virtual Service Librarian...wow same title as me!!! @ New Jesey Public Library) and Craig

introduced by Stephen A:

Craig Anderson (in the hat)

  • trying to get libs @ his lib to engage in fb etc...big quesiton “so anyone can see this?”...fear!!!

  • afraid of embarssing FB photo / video!!!

  • slightly diff person/faces depending on audience

    (Billy Joel quote...on slide...)

  • diff filters depending who you are with

  • diff on fb/twitter/blog...you can be the same person, but filtered

  • eg “Librarian JP” (his FB handle)...self-branded, not secret identify...another eg = The Annoyed Librarian (that is a secret identify)...

  • www.allfacebook.com/2009/02/facebook-privacy/ 10 privacy settings all FB users should know (use for my FB101 class!!!...check it out first)...you can control how you show to diff peeps...

  • another good article Meredith F “your vitual brand”...find it and read / link


  • http://blog.8bitlibrary.com

  • check it

    out: the gaming in schools and libraries blog

  • need a clear vision of what you want your brand to say

  • eg use of logo on all soc media presences (make sure our new logo gets on all places!!!)

  • as you build your virtual persona, think about how what you post fits with your “brand”

  • building a personal brand


  • http://failbooking.com “too funny to unfriend”

  • egs of where peeps didn't use privacy settings!!!! Hilarious!!!

JP...role models...eg. Tiger...make sure your behaviour fits your brand...

  • responsibile citizenship...

  • “librarians do it by the book” mug

  • part of responsible citizenship is showing up...being where the peeps are...you NEED to be out there...um, yeah...amen!

  • “technical subversion”...just do it! Ask for forgiveness, not permission idea...

  • build your institution values in to how you present yourself personally and professionally online

  • eg. email sig: with your FB etc...fab...me too!!!

  • resistence to new...was objection to having telephone at the ref desk...

Beyond privacy settings...

  • always think about your behaviour / what you're doing online

  • your online presence shouldn't be taken lightly

  • digital citizenship v2

  • you need to show up, and have conversations about how to be responsible

Craig Anderson

Kean University


libraryguy on twitter

pres will be on slideshare (Libraryguy)...link to it

  • think about how you can be on the social web professionally...

  • institutinoal personal vs personal persona

  • article re “should you add your boss on FB?”...

  • you can block your photos from groups of peeps...good idea

  • interesting balancing act...esp with potential employers googling you

  • can use diff signatures for diff email msgs...

  • you are also who you know / not just yourself...people will also check out your connections...need also to consider your connections...





  • very 1984...big brother...your online stuff is going to haunt you for a loooong time

  • good idea to set up an “ego feed” on yourself!!!! (google feed on your institution / yourself...TODO: do it on myself)

  • “mutually ensured embarassment!!!”

  • everything jp has done (job-wise) in the past year has been as a result of social media...

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