Monday, April 12, 2010

CIL2010 Lee Raine "Info Fluency and Imagining the Internet"

General intro stuff:

  • there are about 2000 peeps here, altogether
  • challenge / contest throuoht the conference...think of egs of how tech gives you great gifts AND stabs you in the back (enter on eval form and could win!)...will be written up in CIL magazine
  • = conference blog
Now on to Lee Raine, Director of the Pew Internet and American Life Project:

  • Pew is like an "internet archiologist", b/c it studies but does not judge
  • 25% of Americans still do not use the internet
  • "tweckling" = heckling a presenter by twitter
  • GenX is the dominate population on Twitter
  • Manuel Castel's book "The Internet Galaxy":
  • creators of online culture include:
  1. techno-elites: scientific method / openess / peer reviewed
  2. hackers: freedom to create / appropriate / redistribute
  3. virtual coomunitarians: early usenet groups
  4. entrepreneurs
  5. networked creators: democratized the voices in media...challenged tradit media gatekeepers
  • just-in-time-just-like-me communities / support eg. for people with cancer...bridges of hope
Implications for libraries:
  • you can be a NODE in peoples' networks (peeps need friends like us!)
  • we can teach new
  • screen literacy
  • navigation literacy
  • connections and context
  • skepticism
  • value of contemplative time (libs have space/place for this...)
  • how to create content (eg FB101 class...:) )
  • ethical behaviour in new world
Libs need to revision our role in a world where much has changed...multiple audiences / multiple platforms

...the currency of INFORMATION is greater than the currency of COLLECTIONS...

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