Monday, April 12, 2010

CIL2010 Tips for Fast Tech Project Implementation (aka Ninja Ops)

Pic of Ninjas, aka Librarian Rock Stars...from the left Sarah HJ (aka Librarian in Black), Amanda EJ (from McMaster) and John Blyberg.

Black ops ninja-style tech projects...

Amanda EJ

John Blyberg

Sarah HJ

Ninja secrets revealed...

  • excitement over projects – often barriers...remember “no” is not always going to be the answer!

  • Be a bully / subversive / sneaky! Read the policy manual and find loopholes / suuport

  • black ops / I wasn't here!

  • Many guilty of “we've always done it this way”

  • grab #CILninjas feed for my blog

  • “skunk works”...from Amanada EJ...small team, lots of autonomy...

  • know your start plan...make sure all projects fit – helps with the sell

  • be sneaky...just do it, and then you can say, “well it's been working fine for three months...!”

  • do pre-op send out info about what you want to peeps have heard of it / are aware of it's familiar...plant seeds which you can then reap...

  • John...SoPac god...the idea scared peeps initially...huge learning curve as well...told partial truths so as not to bog down project...just do it!

  • Need to provide a vision for people to latch on to...a vision you know is gonig to be successful, and that others will be passionate about, so they are supportive...

  • ask for forgiveness, not permission

  • EBL: evidence based librarianship...start with a lit search...then turn to your social network...if no evidence to support, do it anyway...but collect and share the evidence you create...via social network / article / whatever (for eg me and Kiosk project!!!)

  • how to avoid collateral damage...try not to step on any toes (power-wise, support-wise etc...) then you'll have more success...get stakeholders to be your aware of unintended need to build trust...for current + future projects

  • get people engaged / excited / on board

  • don't screw over the IT dept!!! you will need them!!!

  • respect peeps experience / knowledge etc...

  • what if the new thing is NOT a success?...

    • when you deploy, depoly like a fire jumper...jump and hold an area...stay there as long as you can...give what you're doing the resources it needs to be a success...if you don't, might as well not start...if you do that and fail, that's ok (like hockey....give 100% and you win)

    • if you are wrong...own up, apologize, and analyze...

    • somtimes an idea is too soon...try again six months later...timing is everything

  • Committees = BAD....project teams = GOOD!

  • Project teams need power / focus

  • we do project teams good with servcie audits

  • specific goals, set of “ToDos”

  • what's the worst that can happen if you just do it?

  • Trust yourself / your instincts...go with your gut + have confidence to convince others to follow

  • follow your inner ninja

  • winning over hearts and minds of users and staff...

    • shore up your infrastructer...need stable environment to do innovative things / have trust

    • fix your stuff before we do new stuff

    • need to move from a culture of reaction to a culture of innovation...fix probs at the root so they don't plague with IT to identify / help solve problems high profile about it (one of the things I need to work on....) gain trust...

  • try not to say NO to new ideas proposed to you...send ideas back to the proposal group to do more digging / research...make sure also the proposers are invested in the project...demonstrates investment in the idea

  • good tip...don't show all your cards / be too polished...leave room for engagement / involvement

  • 10 things your mngt needs to know about tech (Roy Tennant article....look it up)

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