Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CIL: Virtual Learning and Training

CIL: Virtual Learning and Training: Teaching and Learning with Drupal

Meredith Farkas, Norwich University, Head of Instructional Initiatives

  • written lecture notes

  • discussion forums

  • assignements

  • quizzes...

    • can't just use irl stuff for online courses...”pretty frickin' boring!”...MF got her MLIS online about six years ago

  • web 2.0 ideas for the classroom

    • it's the age of participation

    • wisdom of crowds...love it!

    • Social constructivism ...teacher is a facilitator, not a “sage on the stage” (use that for my Manib Lib Conf talk!!!!)...and get peeps talking...will there be enough people/twitters for a session hash tag?...hmmm....could suvey and do if so...

    • about the experience

  • MF now teaches @ SanJose State Univ...online...

    • didn't want to use their course management system...focussed on instructor, not student interaction...was allowed to do her own thing

    • used drupal (drupal.org)...OS content management system...used for a huge variety of things

  • why use blogs?

    • Familiar medium for two-way com

    • faculty communication with students

    • one place to look...eg “housekeeping” tag...keeps stuff together

    • builds sense of ownership over the medium for students

    • community building

    • reflective learning...thinking about what you're learning

    • writing in public

    • everyone is a teacher and learner

  • blogs can:

    • promote critical and reflective thinking

    • enable collaboration and knowledge-sharing

    • create an informal environment for student discussion and communtiy building

    • encourage dialogue and debate

    • encourage students to teach as well as learn and co-costruct their learning experience

Joan Peti...(substitute...) Using “prezi”...blogging at the american university in Cairo..wow...

  • instruction and ref librarian

  • accredited US univesrity

  • mostly Egyptian students

  • required info lit class

  • moved course from Blackboard to a simple wiki

  • http://lalt.wetpaint.com – check it out

  • shifted emphasis from passing to learning the skills

    • strict attendance + in class assignments

  • implemented blogging

    • issue with lack of freedome of speech in Egypt...bloggers are regularly jailed...repressive

    • wanted students to appreciate and understand the tools, even in this environement

    • used word-press...but was overwhealming for tech-newbies

    • for last blog...asked students how they liked blogging – and they loved it!!!

    • shocked lib staff!...students had historically hated the class...but deal was sealed with the blogging experience

  • lessons learned:

    • take advantage of key moments

    • own your disasters

    • define success

    • sometimes crisis = opportunity

    • ill-considered ideas hastily implemented can be a great success!!!

  • I thought this session, from description in flyer, would be more about creating tutorials etc...oh well, still some fab points

  • you have to find the right tech for your students

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