Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things in a flash: Latest 2.0 Tools

QR codes:
  • Jenny Sippel
  • todo: see if I can find stats on smart phone use in TBay/NWO/Ont/Canada
  • todo: see if I can get stats on how many times our qr code was scanned (and/or look at stats for that (app) page on our site)
  • qr codes in opac records to get call number...nifty! See if any III libs are doing it possible? Ask/search listserv
  • use url shorteners (to both get a cleaner code and to get data (todo: look at and
  • in can add "+" at end of url to collect data (and "qr") to generate a qr code
  • include url with qr codes for equitable access
Katie Polley: Apps (GetGlue and Instagram)
  • Get Glue: check in to anything (books, movies etc) and links to twitter (and other sites) Gamified: gives you virtual (plus irl) stickers if you check in to a lot of things. nice! Check it out.
  • also lets you rate things...and then you get suggestions of similar (readers advisory tool - ish)
  • you can follow people and they can follow interaction
  • Instagram: only for iPhone (for now) photosharing service...some editing available
Megan Kocher, Uni of Mn: Evernote and Wunderlist
  • staying organized across platforms (and devices)
  • compulsive list maker: yeah!
  • both live in the cloud + have desktop clients + apps (all synced)
  • check them out...what would be the advantage over google docs?
  • in Wunderlist can make lists and add tasks, then tick them off!
  • you can share lists with others (do they also need an account?)
  • Evernote works searchable (nifty) can also collect things which are not text (eg audio notes, web site clips)...can tag notebooks
John Daniels (Minneapolis Community and Technical College): Google APIs
  • application programming interfaces
  • allow programs to talk to each other
  • visualisation api: takes data and makes it look pretty
  • need html code, and a data source (can use google spreadsheets)
  • there is a lot of documentation available
  • resulting charts are accessible by screen-readers
  • there is an api playground (part of documentation)
  • cons: time and complexity
  • use for: simple erm (electronic resource management)...makes info from a spreadsheet look nice
  • Featured books: scan isbns of new books in to spread sheet, and uses google (world cat, google books) to make a nice new book display (with covers, links etc)
Collaborating in the Cloud: Google Apps and PBworks
Amanda Mills
  • use google apps for collaboration
  • can create a google group (look in to google groups for FB coach sched...easier than "sharing" a doc?)
  • need all peeps to have gmail to make a group...but JRo and LL some research and consider/discuss
  • google sites: free Web site creation, also integration with google docs
  • look up Minnesota Library Futurists
  • PBWorks: version + costs for enhanced version...used on a campus w a Library 101 class (group work)
  • (aside: check out polleverywhere (lots of tweets about it!...can we use during our FB EI session?)
Jen Strauman: geolocation tools
  • foursquare, gowalla, fb places
  • google places, yelp, urbanspoon (more about finding a place)
  • gamification again!
  • earn ponits, get badges, "Mayor"
  • todo: look at foursquare and claim our lib locations

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