Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Professional Social Media: Beyond the Buzz

  • Brian Huffman (Law librarian) and Megan Kocher (works at academic science library)
  • slides are here
  • handout is here
  • goals of social networking: connect, share, expand networks
  • check out slide w links to evaluate/monitor your online presence
  • to do: spend more time on LinkedIN...look for resume creation link...(pdf)...also add some more content (slideshare link for eg)
  • to do: spend some more time on Google+...flush out my profile, connect with more people
  • to do: look at Hootsuite closely...use for monitoring twitter for eg.
  • also tweetdeck and
  • interactions and conversations are key
  • check out "Doing social media so it matters" book
  • to do: claim our lib locations on FourSquare...would add to info from app use to get an idea of how many of our peeps are using smartphones / are interested in mobile services...and add a link to our airpac, app page ...consider "specials" for Mayor / frequent visitors etc (eg. tbpl swag)...can also leave tips

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