Thursday, October 13, 2011

Engagement through games: Reaching library users through playful ways

  • Scott Nicholson (super peppy presenter) (from MIT) his book!
  • de-briefing is important (applying what you did to irl)
  • libs are about SERVICES not stuff...the stuff supports the service
  • gamING = service (games = stuff)
  • the oldest chess club in the USA (still going) is in a library (in San Fran)
  • "gamification" is big (eg 4Square)
  • gaming=fab for storytime grads...what comes next? shared experience for kids and parents
  • the "magic circle" is a nifty idea: ie when you sit down w peeps to play a game, different rules (than in usual life) apply (eg maybe it's ok to lie and not be nice)
  • gaming literacy: levels, badges etc
  • (Scott's Web site)
  • will post notes about the RPG (role playing game) we tried
  • *debrief* so important to learn from each other after a shared experience

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