Thursday, October 13, 2011

eBooks: What's all the excitement about

  • panel of 5 from public, academic, consortium
  • Hennepin County has had OverDrive for only about a year (wow!)...we are ahead of that curve!
  • interesting how one of the panelist is not a fan of ebooks! What about "it's the content not the container?"!!!
  • recent Pew report 12 percent of adults in the US have eBook readers so still big digital divide
  • "paper will be a luxury niche"...nice thought!
  • good point: we also have to look at our own communities (not just big Pew-like studies)...quandry: how DO we do that in TBay?...demand for "how to download" classes still big + ebook circ going up
  • question about how publishers decided to publish an ebook or not...they are in transition too...not carved in stone
  • St. Paul pub lib has made physical changes to their libs in view of becoming more digital -- lib of the future (todo: email conveyner of this panel re what those changes look like)

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