Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Social Media @ the Library

  • Virginia "Ginny" Erbe, Communications, Rochester Public Library
  • ppt is online here
  • twitter: #mnlib11 @ginerbe
  • question to ask in case she doesn't cover it: do you report the use of your social web presences? We recently started to, as it's significant interaction / use (Facebook monthly active users, twitter followers, blog visits, flickr pic views etc...) answer: does send to supervisor, not sure beyond that!
  • todo: follow Rochester Public Library on twitter
  • todo: compare our monthly page views with RPL's (in presi page 7)
  • todo: start to track click throughs re how many people click on links posted on fb (see how many page views we get for links posted on fb)
  • todo: look at tweetfeed : works with rss feeds (eg from e*vents calendar)
  • todo: look at foursquare and at least claim our locations
  • tip for QR codes: shorten url first (using bitly or which results in a cleaner code

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