Tuesday, April 25, 2006

CIL'06: Working and Planning with your IT Department

With Barrett Jones, Joint IMF World Bank Library
  • it's never easy!
  • good tips for talking / working with anyone
  • 1 meeting = 3 calls
  • 1 call = 5 emails
  • (LJ is GOOD at this!)
  • use the power of cc in emails
  • get invited to IT meetings
  • always follow up...shows you're on the ball...record of what went down...mutual understanding
  • education
    • learn about technology
    • visit your server (touch it!!)
    • learn the basics
    • read:
      • NY Times technology section
      • Wired magazine
  • bring your IT guy to CIL!
  • Vendors
    • use them
    • for advice on tech issues
    • they work for US!
    • (eg. Mike McL has been awesome!)
  • strategy:
    • typical to have lots of hoopla re strat plan, then it gets shelved...IT strategy...do we have one? (tbpl / city?)...if so, read it, adopt it, reference it
    • dream big, plan small...dream about what you want to DO with technology, then make it happen with technology

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