Tuesday, April 25, 2006

CIL'06: The Web 2.0 Challenge for Librarians

Paul Miller, Techonology Evangelist, Talis Information Ltd.
**one of the BEST speakers**
  • has a PHd in Archeology!
  • reality = google
  • oclc env. scan...library use is down, but peeps are still coming...to use the internet etc.
  • only 27% of people visited a lib website recently
  • open the lib beyond the walls
  • PUSH the lib everywhere
  • engage potential user groups
  • dismantle your ILS...use the bits that make sense, and build something better...should be like lego*
  • shared innovation
  • "Talking with Talis"...webcasts...lib 2.0 gang...future of the opac
  • how users are doing it themselves:
    • WPopac...blogging tool over opac
    • aadl.org
      • Anne Arbour catalogue with comments
    • new ways to reach out...make your data work harder
  • shared platforms...nuture a community
  • shared set of core peices, shared foundations
  • has to cross divide between vendors
  • we need to insist that vendors work together
  • talis is doing this
  • get involved...be a part of it
  • challenge all assumptions!
  • why are we doing EVERY THING this way?
  • share innovation

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