Tuesday, April 25, 2006

CIL'06: Keynote: The Internet: Enhancing Work and Play

Lee Rainie...Pew Internet and American Life Project
  • theloudlibrarian.net
  • millennials...
    • "Millennials Rising" book
    • they are:
      • special
      • sheltered
      • confident
      • team-oriented
      • achieving
      • pressured
      • conventional
      • "trophy kids"
      • tech-embracing
      • "digital natives in the land of digital immigrants"
      • immersed in a world of media and gadgets
      • multi-taksers
      • pay "continuous partial attention"
      • unaware, uncaring of the results of use of their technology (eg. copywrite)...
        • so MEDIA LITERACY big role for libs
      • their technology world will change radically in the next decade
      • approach to research / work will be shaped by new techno-world...
        • tag taxonomies -- shared
        • flickr
        • individuals as nodes of production
  • we need to be their "infomation support"...easy to use, there when needed
  • we need to react to and shape their environment...
  • be brilliant!

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