Tuesday, April 25, 2006

CIL'06: Opening Keynote: Search Engine Report, Chris Sherman, Associate Ed., SearchEngineWatch

  • check out www.searchenginewatch.com
  • check out www.ask.com
  • AskJeeves has evolved into ask...working with Gary Price (a LIBRARIAN...WOW!)...good ready reference tools, natrual language searching, toolbars, fabbo maps and directions (walking and driving)
  • google has become more of a media advertising company than a search engine...Google Mars, Google Moon, Google video
  • MSN also advertising, search, virtual earth, search result clustering (src), onfolio ("bookmarks on steroids"!), streetview -- race cars etc.
  • Yahoo "people mediated" search...tagging, personalization, mindset (slidebar to narrow topic)
  • Google and Books "vcr" myopia factor...publishers freaking out aka movie industry and vcr's
  • google print library = full text of public domain
  • will be adding "Find in a Library" link to OCLC worldcat
  • also concept of "giving" the books to the google brain to learn from
  • The Dark Side of Personalization:
    • convenience vs. confidnetiality
    • over time change your search results based on past searches
    • "trust, but verify"!

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