Tuesday, April 25, 2006

CIL'06: Creative Visitbility: Toolbars and Gamenights!

Scott Rice, Univ. of N. Carolina at Greensborough
  • customized firefox toolbar, so that links to full text holdings in the library are provided for google scholar and amazon hits
  • check out thh firefox toolbar tutorial...look at other peep's toolbar code
David "Giz" Womak, Wake Forest University (a small liberal arts univ. in N. Carolina)
  • tons of energy, and fun to listen to!
  • all (6,717) students get Think Pads!...wow!
  • the univ library hosts an "open game night" and a tournament, to get students into the library
  • library provides big screens, projectors, connectors, extension cords etc, (and pizza etc., and trophies!) and the students brought their own games and systems
  • tons of positive publicity for the library
  • posted a survey on zoomerang
  • 100% of students did not mind using their own gaming equipment

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