Saturday, February 04, 2012

User Experience (aka UX)

  • two peeps from Guelph University Library
  • UX in the lib and Web site
  • we are not our patrons
  • wwpd: what would the peeps do
  • consider user behaviour first and foremost
  • Henry Ford quote re faste
    r horse...balance what peeps say they want with figuring out what they need..."If I'd asked my customers what they wanted, they would have asked for a faster horse."
  • slides are here (session 1018)
  • anthropologists' techniques
  • the user is not broken...often more marketing is not the solution
  • Univ of Rochester wrote a book on UX..."Studying Students" anthropologist worked at the Library
  • reading list will be on SC Web site
  • check out the blog Designing Better Libraries
  • piano stairs video good example
  • way-finding exercise users navigate space
  • don't say "how do you like our signs"...say "go here" and watch
  • the newly established UX team encountered some sensitivity of turf issues with other Departments...learned a lot about insider bias
  • the library is like our home so it's hard to view objectionably
  • look for people using work-arounds and think about how you can make things better / easier for them
  • con
  • sider working with anthropologists / anthropology students
  • live the UX attitude!
  • noted next day that super busy TO Starbucks personalized the assembly-line experience by noting peoples' first names on coffee cups...or maybe it's just easier that way?!)

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