Wednesday, February 01, 2012

SC12: Opening Plenary w Tom Wujec

  • clarifying the value of libraries for the future...impact of technology on industry and creativity
  • innovation always starts w peeps getting together to doodle/think/create DO that for Virt Coll tag line! (use playdough/markers etc. a la Stephen Abram session at MLA)
  • lots of mind-boggling futuristic examples of rapid fabrication / 3D printing / synthetic biology / nanotechnology
  • creativity = the skill to move from idea to realization
  • immagination: new ideas
  • innovation: making things happen
  • imagination (new ideas / mindset)...creativity...innovation (making things happen / toolset)
  • book "The Shallows" explains how the internet is shaping our brains...diluting ability to sustain attention etc.
  • clarifying the value of libs in the future...the *format* of information will always libs need to have a clear idea of what we do
  • what is "clarity"?...if you don't create a CLEAR message to your customers, they will create one for you...(interesting...)...good msg for life in general...
  • clarity: easy, simple, SHARED descriptions
  • make ideas VISIBLE...bring ideas to all senses
  • use notes, diagrams, visualizations to get clarity
  • future of the lib...not a simple answer
  • need to figure out what works for YOU community
  • look up Tom's clarity tools (will post in pdf)
  • unlike (competition)... we (do this)...
  • be aware and limber wrt new tech, but be true to your value proposition (good advice in general!)

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