Saturday, February 04, 2012

Sketching Library Transformation: The Public Innovation Space

  • with Knud Schulz from Denmark...CEO of Aarhus city Library
  • slides on SlideShare
  • ownership of the library space moves from the librarians to the peeps
  • the space as medium
  • libraries for peeps, not books
  • NewsLAB
  • robots
  • clap screen
  • force users to dismiss "book" as the library brand
  • users should be part of the innovation process
  • subject browsing story! iFloor Kids Opac...then move "book" to iTable where you can play / get more info / print out call number and cover of book
  • Local history "balloon voyage" like google earth / street view with extra local history pics / info / documents added
  • inspiration space, learning space, meeting space, performance space
  • experience/discover/participate/create...what can you do yourself...what do you need partnerships for?
  • urban media space Web site...check it out
  • ALE: Academy of Library Experience...inviting librarians to work at this Library / use their space to do a project
  • wow...pretty much mind-blowing awesomeness

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