Thursday, February 02, 2012

Jonah Lehrer Plenary

  • wow a v smart guy!
  • insight: comes out of the blue with a feeling of certainty that this is IT, the answer
  • the answer often arrives when you stop looking for it
  • GRIT: creative geniuses keep trying...they have GRIT...keep working in spite of rejection
  • practice makes perfect
  • 80% of success is showing up (Woody Allen)...that is the grit bit!
  • also about choosing the right goal
  • does the goal pass the underwear test? you feel your underwear?, b/c you have adapted to its feel...the brain is designed to be pursuits that don't bore us keep us interested...grit...passion/love...Love is the opposite of underwear!
  • when you feel like you've hit the wall is the time to relax
  • if you feel like the answer is on the tip of your tongue, you need to keep focussing / working and use grit
  • creative collaboration: cross-disciplinary teams are proven more creative / able to solve complex together or fail alone
  • ideal template for creative collaboration = SPACE
  • and libraries can provide that to communities
  • human interaction is essential...the jostle of human interaction is essential
  • physical space is VIP (even more in this time of the interwebs)
  • something magical happens when people bump into eath other irl
  • no technology can replace people meeting in the flesh
  • the imagination is a magic trick of matter

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