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Top Tech Trends

Top Tech Trends

Dorethea Salo, Univ. Of Wisconsin-Madison

Roger Nevin, Kwartha Pine Ridge District School Board

Aaron Schmidt, Principal, Influx Library User Experience, and District of Columbia Public Library

Nicole Engard, ByWater Solutions

  • check out Aaron's Walkingpaper site...has a new partnership with Amanda E-J (about library ux)...interesting...keep an eye on them

  • look up Nicole's blog: what i learned today

  • make sure I have a plan, and stick to it, to back up all our social web stuff (delicious (prof + personal)...even do a print out every few months...+ HC's book club in a bag list ...does she back up / print at all?)...also flickr and youTube

  • check out (Roger's passion...clearning house for teacher resources)

  • cloud and mobile big...check on the cloud (we're using google docs a bit...)...need more work on mobile (in my action plan...check!)

  • Aaron: The Big Tech Trend is the ubiquity and ease of use of digital content...ebook readers are getting more are ipods / iphones / netflix etc. ...the ebook revoluation has come, and libs are not as big a part of it as we need to be....libs are about commercial content...people come to us for stuff: books...+ for funding we report circ stats (which is unsustainable ...AMEN!) the digital realm content is leaseed, not issues...and implications...library resources are difficult to use...easy trumps free...we need to make them easier to use...AND lobby vendors to help with all that...How do we respond to this? We can't compete with Amazon and Google...and that is a shallow view...studies show that when we buy stuff it doesn't make us happy...for long term satisfaction we need experiences, not stuff...libraries need to move from a consumer-based transaction model to one that is about experiences...we need to adapt what we do to respond to this...focusing on offering e-content is letting our competition define what we do...(I think FB coach is a fab example of a quality experience)

  • we need to design places for learning / community / problem solving rather than being book mausoleums


  • we spend a lot of time in our individual libs thinking about marketing our great stuff...can we work together better to do that? for the universality of library interfaces...Aaron went further re universal library signage

  • what does aaron mean by “experience”...diff for each institution...we need to learn about our library communities / users and what they want, and make meaningful experiences for them...people coming together and gathering around content

  • ...and creating content

  • foster the enthusiasts in your space...and a place to gather locally created content...what a concept!...catalogue it...share it...capture experiences at the local level...the community's ambassador to the world...I like it!!!

  • discovery layer experience issue...what libraries are creating vs public / commercial tools (question from stephen abram)...part of our job is info literacy...use new tech to explain new concepts (eg using a video to explain how to use e-resources...note to self: check for viewlet update wrt youtube tool)...

  • we have an unexpected opportunity when google gets choked with spam: an opportunity to communicate that our databases are better than google (that is what I need to do for Shaw cable interview...+ ask for permission to post to our YouTube / FB etc)

  • net-neutrality / wiki-leaks etc...Aaron: “it's a good thing”!... huge issue...multiple threats...governments are waking up to the net as a tool for revolution etc...lots of for Libraries?...also related issue privileging of traffic...cost of wifi / lack of access to wifi..

  • what role should libraries take around freedom to info / access to tech that restricts our freedom

  • Aaron: big opportunity for libraries...don't trade digital rights for convenience

  • generally libs are all about being rule-free...but lots of examples of people using that to their advantage...can we really teach everyone to be savvy / cautious when online (Stephen A told story of TO mayoral candidate who made up false twitter accounts to forward his campaign, and then boasted about it afterwards!...yikes)....slimey

  • online tools and social media are changing the ways we express ourselves...we are subject to the whims / rules / structure of the companies whoes stuff we are using (eg Mark Zukerberg's fave colour is blue...hence fb is blue!)

  • Libraries and the mobile for mobile first, big screens second...

  • mobile and QR codes are big...I need to learn more about QR codes

  • educational game development is big at Univ of Wisconsin-Madison (follow Dorotea @RepoRat)

  • how can we make library interaction fun...4Square...check it out...used in Tbay?

  • Dist of branch manager ap for iPad and mobile patron registration...for iPad (apple-focussed)...

  • Android is fastest with google aps / cloud computing

  • mobiles today = web about 5 years ago...very propriatry (apple vs open-source)...

  • question about libs lending ipads / ebook we lend books and internet digital divide (“device-divide”) devices are becoming cheaper...the public good is more about wifi access...we need to advocate for city-wide free wifi (maybe talk to tBaytel?...hmmm...interesting)

  • another digital divide...among library staff!...interesting...THAT is why TBPL needs an iPad / iPodTouch etc....we need to facilitate our staff becoming familiar with this stuff... as head of Virt. Serv I need to do the 23 things (we never really did the first 23 things...but people pretty familiar with that stuff...) ..we need to focus on this stuff, and get it done in order to be relevant / remain relevant

  • sols is working on a library 2.0 tool kit, as well as core competencies

  • Web 3.0?'s computing / aps etc...

  • are the gadgets defining our roles (as libraries)?....hmmm...speaks to how libraries have conceived of's a reactive way to innovate / define our goals...but...we do need to look at the motivation behind people using gadgets...and...figure out what OUR peeps want...could consider a book a “gadget”...WE choose how to define ourselves's complex

  • similar to other new technologies...reaction to them (including scribes / paper!!! / radio etc...)

  • ASK your patrons how they use they want us to communicate with them...can we txt hold notices?...can Encore?...can Evergreen?

  • Tech needs to work for you, not the other way around...interesting...

  • need to be prepared to fail...learn from it...dip in a toe...don't take it personally...don't feel guilty when you fail...move on...that is normal / how you learn...but also plan

  • “deep thinking” is more important than the container

  • need to ensure the content can morph in to the next container

  • personal digital arching...what's the back door out of the cloud?!...see my notes above re printing...also proprietary file formats (pdf for eg)

  • we need to help people be aware of this stuff / restrictions....don't store your pics only on FB

  • recommendations for libraries to keep up with LAWS around econtent....copyright...need to educate...part of info literacy

  • tricky issue...very complex...univ of Minnesota librarian is a “JD” and copyright expert...surveyed libs and faculty, and libs knew more about copyright than faculty

  • follow Michael Geist (in Canada) he in my bloglines?....I think so...if not, add him

  • in spite of doom-y many opportunities for libraries

  • adopting individual tech tools is not going to save any lib...need to think bigger

  • the possibilities are unfolding b/c the way we are sharing and re-using data / info

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