Thursday, February 03, 2011

Evaluating Your Digital Core

Peter Atkinson, St. Thomas PL (very intersting history...20 yrs in hotel IT...)

Heather Cunningham, U of T

Marian Doucette, Huron County PL (link to her ppt)

Peter is working on a Library 2.0 Toolkit...look it up!...due 2Q 2011

  • look up FAQ for librarians about wikipedia

  • it enriches your community when you help your community use the web (check!...FB coach...and ineternt classes)

  • libraries become bullet proof at budget time when the lib is the one that is embracing web 2.0 and sharing the knowledge...puts the lib at the centre of everything

  • multitude of options: web site, facebook, blogs and more

  • patron engagement: Youtube, Podcasts, QR codes, Flickr, Four Square, Google Places, Twitter

  • idea for a QR code...add them to local historic deliver info from spcieal collections / Gateway where you are...enhanced reality...access to info...hmmm....find out how to create a QR tools?....add to posters? a pilot project?...

  • how do you decide what to do?...DATA!...make a plan...and do it

  • data = facts, not opinions...getting data helps you understand what's really going on

  • making decisions based on data is's non-judgemental...not emotional...also makes it safe to fail – which leads to creativity / new ideas

  • you need to use the data you have: “Stats are like a drunk with a lamppost: used more for supoport than illimunation.” Churchill

  • if stats aren't working for you, move on to another set!

Heather: web coordinator at Gerstein Science Info Centre at U of T

  • Web site needed to serve wide group of users spread out geographically

  • so needed a well designe site

  • the Web page itself is not the's a portal / gateway

  • used crazyegg – generates heat maps and other visual analytics...interesting...see how much it costs...can googleanalytics do the same thing?

  • Crazyegg gives day of week usage as well (interesting, but do we care?)

  • compared online patron behaviour to in-house usage...again, interesting...could have implications to our what to create quick-links

  • also get time of day data in 30 minute increments...can we get that from ga?

  • Used other stats (like # of im and email questions) in concert with web stats, to get a full picture of use


  • evaluating social media use

  • mobile device will be the world's primary connection to the internet in 2013 (fuel for my request for an iPod touch!)

  • go where your users are...check!

  • Basic metrics: unique users, page views, bounce rate, time spent

  • facebook “insights” interesting...yup, check!

I thought this session would be more about database stats. Not really anything new to me.

Look at ...same info as page admin can see.

Todo: research on adding an opac seach box to our FB page...I think there was some chat on the iug list about for it in the clearinghouse and get 'er done!

  • Kind of interesting that this woman did not talk at all about FB ads...I wonder if she's using them at all?...asked, and mentioned how we have used them with a fab results (ie 400 new like-ers), and she talked about ensuring your target audience is not too narrow

  • might be useful to propose a SC talk about FB ads for next year?....with Jro...could also do FB coach / our community outreach etc...and how it's relevant to the Library

  • check out twitalyzer, tweeteffect ...

  • also interesting that this woman did not mention that you can hook up your FB status with twitter

  • look for unexplained trends...analyze, text and fix

  • pull data regularly...focus on your objectives

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