Saturday, February 05, 2011

eResources Training

E-resource training: uncovering a collection of hidden gems

Amanda Larsen, Burlington PL

  • Amanda is the training librarian at bpl (recently promoted to something else...vp of something)

  • did the Betty Blogger program (I went to her talk two years ago)

  • was also manager of electronic resources

  • will cover why / research / layout / numbers / lessons learned

History of the initiative:

  • BPL has 6 branches; 54 Info services staff, 2 training staff (1 Librarian and 1 both staff and patron training), 80+ e-Resources

  • use was less than stellar when she took over their management

  • majority of staff not comfortable promoting eresources

  • start plan touched on skill development (as ours does...)

  • HR dept had done a skills-assessment survey (what a good idea)...wanted to know what staff wanted to know, what they wanted to get from training, and surveyed what other libs did (todo: ask Amanada for her report / references)

  • part of Amanda's strategy to increase usage...

  • Amanda proposed eresources learning program...after researching the program (6 steps in research: survey staff / identify internal use / survey other libs / analyze feedback / consult with services delivery managers / make recomendation

  • used surveymonkey to survey staff

  • sounds like our staff are way more smart than theirs were!...or more willing to use / share our databases with patrons

  • “each one teach one” new name for “train the trainer”

  • Amanda decided customers are unclear about purposes of the databases, and staff feel they're not equipped with strategies to use an eresource to answer a ref question quicklly...I don't think that's the case in our shop.

  • ...too much background, not enough nitty gritty!...she is reading notes, but still a dynamic speaker

  • project layout: will be in 2010...shared responsibility in training...staff like the model...self-directed...had used that model before for web 2.huh!

  • Http://

  • had used blogger before, so staff familiar...easy to work with

  • lots of links to vendor web sites / their training resources (good idea)

  • blog included projects for staff to work on

  • included articles on databases (why are they important / how funded / google vs databases etc...major important for conext...great idea...)

  • tip sheets about the training

  • trainers choose four databases which needed immediate help

  • we don't eed to know about all the databases, just the training part!!!

  • beginning May 1 training began...weekly email (w database of the week), re blog update with special features and contextual reference questions (that staff had to answer and hand in)...a short paragraphy talking about a fictional patron who comes in at 10 mins to closing etc...based on read patrons in most cases

  • focus not on HOW to search the database (assumed info service staff would already know how to do that)...rather WHY they should use a database

  • staff had all month to complete all four questions...could move at own pace, designed to be completed on desk in a minimal amount of time; collaboration with peers encoruaged

  • very self-directed

  • I could enhance database of the month with a blog like this, and a scenario quesion to answer...maybe for 2012 work plan? with Jesse re how it would go with ref staff to come up with it!!!

  • there were no “right” answers to the questions...praise/praise/praise! (great work / don't forget about this...)...many ways to get to the “answer”...prompt staff to actually use the tool...not a test, an exercise

  • “bonus question” on federated seach system...incentive prize

  • creating context: later in year...choosing which eresource to use at the ref dest...developed a template for staff to describe each eresource...templates were potsed to the blog also (Amanda is happy to email teamplate to peeps) found on vendor sites

  • staff presented 5-10 minute talks at staff meetings about eresources...follwed the template, used contextual ref questions...focus on WHY, not HOW...posted completed templates to a shared online space...great idea, esp for new staff

  • def meet with Jess about this...prob good for ALL staff, esp supply/sunday/pages...also need to talk to YW re how to pay for supply/sunday...but can do online...that is the key, so no issue....make it part of orientation

  • Calgary public does this well also...look at their e-resources page on their Web site***

  • had 54 participants, 50 completed, 30 did bonus...15-45 minutes per question...100% feel more confidnet...85% now completely comfrotabele with eresources as a reference tool

  • outcome = 20% increase in eresource stats...I had way more with dbase of the month!!!...but this could majorly enhance, esp for non-ref staff + sunday/supply/pages

  • now easy to re-do this training...would just need to update the blog...nifty

  • lessons learned: timing is everything...spring works well for bpl...have a post-training can never give or get enough feedback (use surveymonkey) your homework...beg, borrow or steal for an incentive prize...set up a seperate email account for training (or a filter)

  • do your homework re the question you set, to ensure there are adequate resoruces there to get an answer


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