Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday morning Planary with Michael Bloom

  • Michael Bloom of the Conference Board of Canada
  • basically a statistical version of Richard Florida's message!
  • "Valuing Canada's Creative Economy"
  • a new look at culture...the value of art/culture...economic/social/aesthetic
  • creativity leads to innovation
  • creative chain: creation/production/manufacturing/distribution/support
  • economic footprint of the creative economy
  • 3 elements: direct impact/indirect impact/induced impact....totals about 7.4% of GDP
  • "prosumerism" = consumer as producer...desire to participate / interactive experiences...user-led content
  • issues of intellectual property and copyright...
  • talent/creation/innovation/technology/collaboration
  • need links between: tech/content/creativity/business acumen/production/consumption

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