Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A few neat things...

  • pedometers were given out in the confefrence bags -- goal is for all attendees to collectively walk across Canada...have mine ready to go for tomorrow
  • One Book Once Conference...I finished The Book of Negroes on the flight here (thankfully it was delayed an hour, so I could finish it!) and am looking forward to getting my "I read the book" sticker and chatting with people about it
  • First Nations Public Libraries...debuted a series of PSAs for TV re supporting FNPLs...does FWFN have a public library?
  • bumped in to Corinne Simons who used to work for TBPL back in the 80s! I remember her training me on circ...says HI to everyone who remembers her!!!
  • almost 4,500 wee!
  • "The Book of Negroes" title was changed to "Someone Knows my Name" for the US market
  • chatted with a publishers rep and the new tall skinny pbk format is being printed because of demand from the discount retail WalMart etc. like them like that...I guess they can squeeze more on to the, although they don't fit on our pbk spinners, they do stand out and will likely be "hot"


Unknown said...

Cool idea - wonder who donated the pedometers? Perhaps we could get some for H&S?

karenpiglet said...

Hi. Doesn't look to me like there's a public library there. See attached list:

Library Detective said...

Thanks KC!

Library Detective said...

Walking program is part of "Canucks Run Amok" and was introduced by Hamilton PL last year. Check out for more deets.

I accidentally reset my pedometer, so my numbers were all messed up!