Friday, January 30, 2009

Distrupting the Library Transporter Beam with Mark Leggott

  • Mark's blog
  • University Librarian at UPEI
  • "if science can transport matter why do we still need the MARC record?"
  • we need to *really* change
  • a la Calvin and Hobbes' transmogrifer -- freedom to one and keep it in my office as a reminder
  • upei has totally gone open source...evergreen
  • check out Marshall Breeding's 2008 ils survey...negative comments outweigh positive by a LOT...ils-es are not effective...
  • black box vs. open box
  • the main reason upei went open source was to encourage a new culture that is open / new / transmogrified!!!
  • Innisville Public Library (small,!) went OS ILS
  • switch to osils forces you to change your workflow, even if you don't need to
  • check out DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals
  • open mind + open world = open access
  • traditional approach is not good enough
  • @ upei used reserach funding / funded positions to help with univ.-wide open source and collaborative frameworks...expanding to steward all kinds of resarch data...expanding the role of the library on campus
  • lib involved to share their expertise with meta data / data stewardship etc. PLUS get in on big research funding...think about how pub lib can do this in the community....
  • VRE = Virtual Research Environment...supports local research collaboration
  • "Island Lives"...digitized local papers / involved in editing and tagging...building community around digital collecitons
  • the goal is the common good
  • WorldCat is becoming a black box,not an open box
  • embrace innovation
  • build a true library commons
  • walk the walk
  • be more radical and protecting of the public good
  • get in touch with your inner Potato Head!

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