Saturday, January 31, 2009

Creative Librarian/Creative Library

  • anything worth doing is worth doing badly
  • "Institutions" are not creative, people are
  • libs need to reinvent themselves continuously to be creative
  • keep things fresh for the peeps
  • "dare to dream creatively and dare to live your dreams"...start from dreams
  • "in dreams begin responsibility" Yeates
  • dreams define you...self-actualization
  • committee meetings are enemy #1 to creativity!!!
  • ...try a creative exercise / short concert / something different to spark creativity
  • energy to motivate comes from anger...that status quo isn't working...a call to action
  • hope and change = Obama-esque
  • strive to have an annual dream...what is my dream for 09 PP?
  • look for upcoming article by Stan using our dreams
  • give people the ingredients to create / place etc.
  • need to nurture your creativity...use it or lose it idea...but never loose it entirely...need to use it though

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