Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What should we do with our WebPAC? Can we make it relevant in a 2.0 World?

John Wenzler, Electronic Resources Coordinator, San Fransisco State University
  • link to presentation in program...on IUG site...will be updated next week (TODO add link)
  • previously worked at III, working on the opac
  • lots of change recently in opac philosophy / ideas...wanted to keep tabs on
  • why John thinks things are changing...history:
  • card catalogue...digitized card cat...same info / indexes / purpose
  • responsibilities for webpac / card cat similar: help people use it easily
  • anxiety of freedom!
  • tons of design choices with webpacPRO..."paradox of choice" book (check it out)...more choices = less satisfaction with your wonder about the other options you didn't choose
  • libs also social environment -- group process to decide how it's going to look...personal opinions...conflict w/in library
  • "opac sucks" meme...(to do, check out opac sucks YouTube video!)
  • look at annoyedlibrarian's take on opac sucks
  • David Walker's "OPAC sucks" demo (link in handout)
  • specific complaints:
    • it's not as good as the old card cat!
    • digital immigrant
    • lack of context (esp if searching from home)
    • less access to experts (ie libs)
    • interface manages expectations...if it looks hard, probably will be and you'll need help
    • "deceptively non-intimidating user interface"
    • it's not as good as amazoogle!
    • relevancy ranking ineffective
    • too many complex search options
    • poor integration with online virtual collection
    • no suggestions / recommendations
    • lacks user-generated content

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