Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Editing the WebPacPRO Example Set

Sue Boggs, Cataloguing and Library Technician
University of Puget Sounds

slides are here (need IUG un and pw)

  • you don't have to use the example set when you go pro
  • took about 9 months for their whole redesign process
  • the "example set" is a SET of files which work together
  • DOCUMENT all the changes / tweaks you make
  • check out the FireFox FireBug tool -- free download ...lets you see hidden code
  • WebPAC tutorial on CSDirect is good
  • mailing list archives fab too on this subject
  • steal from others!...use http://catalogueurl/screens/
    • webpub.def
    • styles.css...etc (on slide)
  • remember FireFox and IE display differently...advice = design for FireFox and tweak for IE
  • stylesheets:
    • backbone of new look
    • 3 style sheets:
      • prostyles: can't edit, but can view w. firebug tool
      • styles.css: can edit
      • iestyles.css: for IE differences
  • look at googleanalytics (for our opac) and see what browsers people are using -- also screen res vip when designing / screen size too
  • fab link to tab presentation from European IUG
  • tokens: short-hand for larger chunks of code
  • when you look at page source you see code, not tokens...have to use iii urls to see tokens
  • Index vs. Record browse: vip to understand the diff
    • index = list of headings, and controlled by wwwoptions
    • record browse = list of records, contorlled by brief_cit.html
  • lost of aspirin and chocolate required!
  • editing wwwoptions:
    • add new, make existing in-active (in case you need to revert back)
  • can in-activate icon_bookcart and get tick boxes instead of the "bookcart" icon...this eliminates the behaviour that some of our patrons have complained about re when you mark something for the book cart it jumps you to the top of the list...especially annoying with webpacPRO 50 items in the list: TODO...make this change in Staging and run it by the OPAC Task Force group...see if they like it...will the tick boxes be clear enough to folks that this means you're marking the records for email / holds / etc?
  • check our AVS adjacency search setting...see presentation re what it *should* bet set to for WebPacPRO!
  • webpub.def
    • defines which marc fields are displayed for which field tabs, which order and what field label
  • good hints in manual at page 106019 and 106853 and Webpac tutorial
  • new example set came out last week...new release coming out next week...good to know!
  • feed reader free with r2006...change weather to your city (is set to Emeryville, CA, by default!)...look in to it and see if/how it could work for us

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