Monday, April 28, 2008

Using Google Analytics in the OPAC with Rebekah Kilzer (Ohio State Univ Lib)

  • overview of how it works
  • slides will be on IUG site
  • idea: check our GA and see if we can hook patron rating stats (unique url when s/one rates?)
  • check GA privacy policy...Rebekah mentioned a requirement to post / maybe covered by existing privacy policy?
  • todo: email Rebeka re our security warning issues that arose wrt mixing http and https...changed url for GA to https and seems to have fixed...(just in EI)
  • site overlay does drop-down boxes
  • urls with searcha seracht etc for type of search...can filter by these
  • can set up monthly email reports (do this!)
  • compare milstats on opac to GA stats...Rebekah has this on her 'todo' list too! her in a while and compare notes

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