Thursday, March 22, 2012

eBook Issues

with LiB and two others (fill in later!)
  • with all the e-STUFF...why are eBooks such a contentious issue?
  • is it about sharing?
  • sharing will always win: major cultural and social head start! Our monkey brains are built around it. Have to share to survive
  • sharing is already happening
  • "The notions of copyright and intellectual property rights are quaint and adorable." lol!
  • This guy is really good...reading his notes but super articulate.
  • show the reader you value them by giving up rights to them
  • if you treat a book like a book, people will act and respect it accordingly
  • libs need to embrace and carry forward the cultural importance of a book into the digital age
Sarah H-J the LiB
  • likes stirring stuff up
  • lies that lib ebook vendors told:
  • ...they're broke
  • ...300% is as bad as it's going to get
  • ...(will get worse)
  • high does it have to go before we have riots in the streets?
  • ...publishers are forcing vendors to prevent libraries from owning...not true...publishers don't care as long as they get paid
  • lies librarians tell ourselves:
  • ...everyone reads ebooks (not everyone likes them)...generally around 5 to 10 % of circs (check ours...I should know the %!)
  • ...we read our contracts and negotiate hard (we need to understand the terms, and take classes on negotiation)
  • ...without eBooks libs will not true...we are SO much more than that
  • we need to take what society has created and equalize it
  • "Don't mess with the Librarians, we will take you down!"
Michael Porter
  • slides on slideshare at LibraryMan (link)
  • what made libs work?
  • ...some things that worked in the past don't work anymore
  • makes libs more relevant and useful
  • communities needs libs to thrive
  • libs need new solutions. Substantial highly functional practical solutions...also sustainable.
  • the role we fulfill in our communities is precious, meaningful and beautiful
  • libraries = content + community
  • format evoution requires new infrastructure
  • what are the real costs? Why mark-ups? What are the mark-ups used for?
  • a group of libs have formed a non-profit...Michael is a work out this stuff: there are enough libs in the USA to GAIN / take power...we do have control in our hands
  • libraries control the infrastructure: sophisticated new models
  • Library Renewal
  • we need to come together, use this non-profit as a tool to change things: take some ation
  • Library Renewal has been doing a lot of research, building relationships and partnerships and working on solutions
  • currently seeking funding to build the infrastructure
  • bottom line: more money for rights holders and publishers, and huge savings for libraries

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