Friday, March 23, 2012

Creating Inspiring Services: Going Boldly Into the Present

  • Michael Edson, Director, Web Strategy and New Media, Office of the CIO, Smithsonian Institution
  • slides on slideshare
  • "strategy is language that does work"
  • the future is going to get stranger and stranger so we need to figure out how to deal with it
  • the tool we use to span the gap to the future = strategy
  • lots of good books cited ...check 'em out
  • "the penguins are real": check out flying penguins video on youtube
  • "the present if farm more interesting than people have noticed"
  • so what do we do differently to take advantage of this?...
  • old learning model: one teacher lots of learning model: learning together...all teachers + students
  • think of yourself as an extraterrestirial space auditor! ...compares the stated mission of your org with your collective actions...
  • do your ACTIONS match your MISSION?
  • on ramps and loading docks: "most of the smart people work for someone else" need to let them on board / open the doors for a free flow of ideas / engage with your can you get stuff OUT and IN of your org
  • edge to core: "innovation at the edges: a commons in the middle" commons of shared resources
  • focus on mission: clearly understand the impact you want to have
  • place the bet: what world am I living in...what impact does my country/city/org want to have in that world?...what should I DO today?
  • think big...start small...move fast

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