Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MB Lib Conf: Ebsco new features

MB Lib consortium working on province-wide access/license

  • Anna from Ebsco
  • EBSCOhost mobile...need a separate url to get to it...soon it will be an autodirect (good!)...yet another reason why I need to get a lib smartphone to play / test with...focussed on the core functions
  • EBSCOhost mobile also takes less bandwith...so good for peeps with dial up (could add the url as a "dial up" option...nice...)
  • ask our ebsco rep for the mobile url (and/or check support sites / email updates)
  • mid2010 there will be an iStore app for EbscoHost...NoveList app coming soon
  • posters and flyers for EbscoMobile are available from support site
  • WPL has ebscohost mobile interface
  • ARRC....new look and feel is coming...drill down will still be there, but they are adding a search box (wow wee...put on WebFeat/360 radar for a translator...will be federated-searchable now...)
  • lots of widgets for chat within ebsco databases (includig AskON?...should ask them about it, b/c Ebsco is big in KO to...)
  • geolocation:...we know where you are and can use that info...library still has user launch from the lib's web site to ensure proper usage credit...hmmm...still have to log in?...yes, once, then cookie saved...don't have to log in again
  • ebsco host connection...a site designed to get anon. users from google (or another search engine) in to EBSCOhost via their library...initial version released in 2006
  • Text-to-speech...make sure everyone knows about this...coming soon
  • facelift coming
  • link now to beta version (todo: ensure everyone is aware of that, and takes a few mins to check it out***)
  • one addition, "reason" why something was recommended
  • search box on every page
  • genres and sub-genres quick links
  • "subject appeals"...big lexigography of appeal terms...like "cozy winter stories"...more than a genre...the feeling...why people like certain books

  • making the most..
  • federated-ish search within Ebsco dbases
  • promote email alerts to patrons from ebsco...eg when new issue of McLeans arrives in the database...could package with My Lib Card email alerts...
  • also can do rss feeds...
  • you need an EbscoHost acct to have an alert / feed
  • your EbscoHost account works at any library (that is s/th else to promote with patrons and staff...exp for snowbirds / students...)
  • (too much "......does everyone remember how to...?)...no evaluation forms at this conference...hmm...maybe will have one biggie after the fact...
  • I should set up an Ebsco alert for library stuff I'm interested in...also in other databases...to test + for my personal interest
  • todo: find out where our "ask a librarian" link goes
  • new seach box in "help"
Ebsco support site is fab
  • check FAQs for common problems
  • can brand ebsco with our logo / colours...hmmm...do we want to do that?...chat with JR first, and then follow up with TT if interested
  • "promotion": bookmarks / posters etc.
  • consider promoting database of the month webinars (from ebsco support site...(and also from gale etc...)) for extra oomph
  • tutorials for patrons can be linked to...copy url from support site...they are in ppt so we can customize...wow wee that is nice so we can add our unique log in info*****

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