Monday, May 17, 2010

MB Lib Conf 2010: Creativity with Stephen Abram

Official description on the Conference Web site:

This is a half‐day workshop that involves several creative exercises and hands‐on play. It has been presented at several international library conferences with different and interesting results and learning ever time. Participants will learn more about the role of play and creativity in their workplace and how it relates to innovation, change, adaptation and life. Come prepared to participate and create (there’s no other choice!).

  • why play? because we are built for play
  • opposite of "play" is not "work"
  • check out the book "Play"
  • information + learning = knowledge
  • human genome mapping...we are all hard-wired to a certain learning style
  • learning is a combination of different learning styles -- a matrix
  • when you're having fun, you're more open to new ideas
  • teen space @ Darien Public Library...glassed-in to keep noise in + visibility (also RHD's vision for teen space @ Brodie)...provided markers for teens to express themselves (aka graffiti) on the glass...super popular...clean off a few times a year...increased teen traffic
  • when putting a team together give permission for peeps to bring their personalities / sense of play / don't be a wet blanket!
  • creativity in the workplace needs to be released
  • @ Gale they did "crucial conversations" training...b/c librarians don't like conflict (gee, I can relate!!!) so they would not speak when when something was wrong...and this was creating problems / stalling development etc.
  • met a woman from here: who was raving about their new building...check it out...did say web site not up to snuff, but there are pics
  • idea: do a construction blog for new MJLB...take a pic a day, to engage patrons in the process (does MJLB have a digicam?) with TT
  • we participated in a three step process...looked at self/how we interact with our our ROLES are secondary to our STUFF (ie materials)
  • similar to the "five whys" process (start with a question, and keep asking WHY to the answer, five times)
  • the STAFF are the centre of the lib / most imp part
  • Can we describe this crucial aspect of the lib in a creative way?
  • I think our new tag line: new stories daily does that v well
  • IDEA: bring some TOYS to a meeting so people can framework / new ideas / release creativity b/c it changes the dynamics of a meeting/
p.s. we got SHUSHED 3 times by the peeps next door at a RDA session...and there were only seven about 10 people in our session!!! Sad.

Group project: What "library" is all about...connecting peeps with info + providing the resources and space for creativity

How I want people to feel in the Library: energized / open to new ideas / happy / raising the roof!!!

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