Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paro Workshop: Partnersips and Technology


  • can post events -- posted some library upcoming events
  • not much for N. Ontario now, but they're hoping for more
  • keep an eye on it and where they're are lots, add a RSS feed to library web site -- easy and instant updating of business / training type events
  • very slick
  • post computer classes and general interest programs
  • funded by Trilllium for now
  • formal partners can customize feeds

Google Aps

  • googledocs useful for collaboration...consider using for next Big Project
  • googlecalendars good for family bday calendars

web 2.0 emarketing boot camp

  • fab name (consider adopting for my Small Biz Week pres!)
  • "google-fu"...todo: google-fu library web site!
  • consider adding FaceBook/ etc widgets to tbpl site
  • tools are free, but costs you in time

Todo: conjunction with web 2.0 updating / policy project...include backing up...back stuff up off-line...don't have stuff only in one place ...ideas for how to use blogs

...become a member of technocrati and register our blogs

...I added a video bar too YacAttack (let RHD know)

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