Friday, July 20, 2012

ALAVC12 Part 2

  • FOSS4Lib:  Free/Open Source Software for Libraries
    • includes a survey re if you're lib is inclined to oss
  • One-Stop Center
    • Pew Report results...not really a good presentation subject...go read the report...
    • good chart on page 17 illustrating extensive community / civic engagement
  • "Way We Serve Statement" with Steven Bell
    • excellent presenter with lots of audience interaction
    • focus on User Experience (aka UX)
    • need to get to the WHY of the lib...staff know the WHAT we do and HOW to do it, but the core is the WHY (aka Core Values)...tbpl needs to do this (next strat plan?)...then all "work plan" stuff gets tested against the WHY
    • used Pike Place Fish Market example:  "Treat People as if they are World Famous"
    • see Designing Better Libraries blog
  • Making Our Future
    • more maker culture stuff
    • check out (cool chain reaction challenge)
    • is anything like this going on in TBay?  Would be a cool use for Marina Park buildings...
    • shared tools (similar to shared lib resources)
    • possible partnership with LU/ConColl engineering?
    • again makes me wonder WHY...

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