Monday, April 06, 2009


Innovative Staff Presentations...

  • III just finished a big project in Sasketchewan -- 295 locations
  • now offering SMS text messaging -- for patron alerts (TODO: look in to wrt teen services -- if it's a one-time cost, possible candidate for new funding?)
  • Encore...recent growth..."did you mean?...reveal your metadata...can integrate electronic resources, program registration, federated search, digital content
  • (TODO: ask Barb H / look in to compare Content Cafe vs. Syndetics...Mary mentioned Content Cafe wrt Encore)
  • Did you mean?...more than a spellcheck...contexual to database...can handle multiple errors
  • look at Scottsdale AZ's opac and WebSite...rock stars! (like Westerville)
  • WebBridge now = Exlore...part of Encore integration..."Explore" your staff selected internet links...are pulled up based on search...pulling all resources in to context
  • Encore Reporter...very slick stats "dashboard", reminiscent of GoogleAnalytics...hopefully iii will develop something similar for Millennium/WebPacPro
  • R09 update...two phases...smaller bundles...Millie is built on *old* architecture and is being moved to a more modern one
  • web services for "My Library Card" / portal on Web site -- TODO: learn more about this
  • SMS text messaging for notifications...TODO explore this wrt MofC funding aimed at teens...good fit?
  • R09 phase 1 will include AirPac enhancements -- ie. an iPhone interface (TODO: ask Barbara if we can use the "Air PAC" graphic on our Web site for it on CSDirect?)
Paul Hamilton (UWO ILS Adminstrator): Encore @ UWO
  • (todo: ask for his ppt...check wiki)
  • talked about the stuff iii didn't tell, how to implement encore in conjucntion with the "classic cataloge" the moment in a transition zone
  • UWO has "Research Pro Select" product which links to their WebFeat installation
  • built an internal system for staff to record any issues / problems...including a help page, with a video demo...very slick
  • Encore is currently available as an option on the UWO library opac (button "try our beta catalogue search) here (direct link to encore)
Tim from Brock re ERM (link to ppt)

  • a ton of work to get their thousands of ejournal titles in to the database...very academic-centric
  • TODO: look at the Directory of Open Access Journals and see if it would be useful for our patrons to have a link to it
Mike C. from Cambridge re adding an auto-complete feature (SO fab!)...presentation here
  • blogged about it on his blog here
  • check it out in Cambridge's staging opac here
  • to quote Mike: "This implementation is not ready for primetime yet but certainly looks promising!"...
  • TODO: keep an eye on it...add it to our Staging port and test...
  • "MinChars" in code = minimum # of characters you need to type before the list pops up
  • lists generated from associated index in your database
Anna from LPL
  • added subject headings (to 690 field) starting with "We recommend..." kick up a notch old skewl lists (on paper and web sites) of "If you like.... Try...."
  • also adding links of pdfs of the actual lists to the bib records ...for eg. check out Jodi Piccout, "Change of Heart" ...that is the only one they have done, so far!
  • look up subject search "We recommend..." in their opac to see how fab /'s a link
  • would also show up in a keyword search for the author or genre
Graham from Ryerson
  • pecha kucha on single sign on...very academic oriented...allows students to sign on to My Library Card with another un/pw (eg. student number)
  • objective = happy patrons
  • also mentioned could link to other signins for eg.
Sally from Ryerson
  • pecha kucha on mobile cats -- Ryerson has air pac (with their logo...todo: see if we can get ours added -- look at WebOptions...maybe wait for new logo?...make a new logo idea/reminder file)
Tour of Ryerson's Learning Commons...

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