Friday, November 03, 2006

ECIUG '06: Graphical Self-Check

Eeva Stierwalt, London Public Library
  • currently implementing Graphical Self Check at all branches
  • previously had CODOCO big self-check machines
  • empowring patrons...mirroring retail experience (Walmart, Home Depot etc.)
  • free-up staff to provide quality service
  • LPL has NO security gates at branches, so easy for desensitizing equipment required
  • speed / convenient / fun
  • pilot project outline:
    • 7 member team
    • identified locations
    • best practices research
      • looks at other iii libs using this...average number of self checkouts = 54%...most not using security systems (theft rate = same)
    • reviewed lending policies
      • so peeps could cout as much as possible
    • equiment and furniture needs assessed
    • pilot set up
    • customization with iii
    • roll out
    • followed up with stats
  • peeps love it
  • touch screens
  • only need electircal outlet and internet plug-in, computer, hand-held scanner
  • signage/advertising
  • staff simply scan a barcode to log in and out
  • market to staff...train them to train the peeps
  • periodic survey for feedback
  • teach peeps to know difference between library barcode and publisher's barcode, and to *read* the screen re error messages...must bring "lock box" items to the desk
  • have a staff monitor for the first while

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